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RBC Engineering Support consists of an enthusiastic team of 6 persons with many years of experience in the commercial side of engineering. Find the appropriate person for your question below and don’t hesitate to contact us.


Managing Director

As a child, I developed a great interest in technique, music and motorised vehicles. I completed my education as Technician Industrial Installation around the year 1982 and started working as all-round mechanic.In 1987, I ended up in the heavy industry, the current Wienerberger B.V. The rough machinery in these brick factories and the informal contacts with people were very appealing to me. I was promoted to the job of Furnace Operator / Technician and was responsible for the ins and outs of complex furnace installations. I continued deepening my knowledge related to this job and followed an education in 1999 in the field of Industrial Ceramics at the Hogeschool Eindhoven.Over time, the longing for freedom, the establishment of human relationships and taking up a new challenge became stronger and stronger. This made me decide to enter into independent entrepreneurship, in addition to my work at Wienerberger. I established a small, service-oriented installation company in 2000. Here I was facing all aspects in the field of malfunctioning and maintenance of industrial process installations at multiple companies.In 2006, I decided I no longer wanted to be dependent of an employer and successfully founded RBC-Recruitment which later resulted in RBC Engineering Support and RBC Projects.I am one of the forces behind RBC Engineering Support and RBC Projects and fulfil the role of partner for high-quality organisations and professionals developing activities in the field of engineering.


Account Manager

My name is Marc Schaefer and I have been one of the driving forces behind RBC Engineering Support since 2021, I work as an account manager for high-quality organizations and professionals that develop activities in construction and industry. I’m in the regions streching from Kerkrade to Eindhoven and from Antwerp to Cologne.

As an account manager I enjoy providing companies with the solutions that we as a firm provide. We support in the search for capacity, expertise and take care of the back office. I achieve this partly by managing recruiters and developing marketing activities. Are you a professional in construction or industry yourself? Then I would also be happy to help you!

During and after completing my HBO(university of applied science) studies in Facility Management I was able to gain experience at Social Deal. Where I - from Den Bosch, Aachen and Maastricht - participated in all kinds of projects in the field of internal communication and human resources. After 2 years I returned to the south of Limburg and I grasped a great opportunity at Wiertz Company, an all-round HR service provider in the world of people and work. At Wiertz Company I have seen the organization grow from a local partner to a market leader in Limburg in 5 years. After being active as an internationally operating consultant for the first year and a half, I was given the opportunity to manage my own office in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. In addition, I led the team on a daily basis on the basis of targets, I ensured a planned marketing approach and I was responsible for the administrative processes of the branch. After almost 3 years as an office manager, I started to reshape the hospitality specialism in order to allow the label to operate more future-proof in the market. Furthemore I took care of the marketing in hospitality and companies in Central Limburg and the south-east of Brabant.

Personally, I value my family very much and we enjoy living in the south of Limburg. In addition, I like to visit games of our local football organization Roda JC Kerkrade and I try to make a structural contribution to the club as a board member of Roda 1962 and as editor-in-chief of the magazine called d'r Koempel. I admire the mining past of the region, like to visit football matches of random clubs abroad and to take the car during the winter months to go skiing in Austria.


Financial Administration

My name is Kirsten Lelieveld and I have been working at RBC Engineering Support since 2013 to my full satisfaction.I live together with my partner Rody and we are the proud parents of Jasper and Joris. In my spare time, I am mostly fulfilling my role as a mother and I run from one sports club to the other :-). We like to go out for dinner if we get the chance or organise a pizza-evening with friends on our Italian veranda.After I completed the HEAO in 2002, specialisation Management, Economics and Law, I started working at the declaration department of Deloitte. My job here consisted of handling income tax and corporate tax. I also completed the education HEAO Fiscal Economics in 2006.After having worked for 10 years at Deloitte, I started my job with the family company RBC.My greatest challenge at RBC is to keep the salary and personnel administration in order.I have meanwhile been working here for 5 years and I always go the office with a great deal of pleasure.


Operations Manager

My name is Luuk Rothkrantz, active for over 10 years for our beautiful family business and since 2018 co-owner. I am proud that for years we have been able to provide knowledge and capacity to loyal high-quality organizations and professionals that develop activities in the construction and industry. I am active from Kerkrade to Eindhoven and from Antwerp to Cologne.

Within RBC Engineering Support, as operations manager I am responsible for all activities performed by us. You can think of sales, account management, recruitment, administration and HR. I continuously try to improve my way of working and I feel responsible for the happiness and satisfaction of relations and colleagues.

I have completed a HBO course Facility Management, specialization Real Estate at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen. After completing this training, I started working at a housing association called Hestia Groep in Landgraaf. I learned a lot here and had the opportunity to work in different departments. The most important thing I learned is that I wanted to continue working with people in a(more) commercial environment. I soon ended up in job placement, especially in technology. At Adecco I was Key Account Manager and Inhouse Consultant for the largest client of our branch in Heerlen, namely Componenta BV. Nowadays better known as VDL Castings. I was the first contact person for all processes concerning the inflow and outflow of personnel and the payroll administration. When I was approached by RBC in 2011, I didn't have to hesitate for long because I was convinced that this was the ideal next step in my career. I don't regret that step to this day!

I have been together with Nancy for years and we have 2 wonderful children together: Romée and Noah. Besides my family, I have quite a few hobbies and a week is often too short. I like to jump on my bike, I like to ride briskly and I like to make beautiful rides at home and abroad. On the bike I realize that there are countless metaphors for entrepreneurship: “How do you get up when you have fallen? Are you someone who likes to lead the way? Why do you always run into yourself? What peaks and valleys are there on the route?”


Consultant Engineering

I'm Michel Spoelstra, in February 2019 as the most recent colleague I could join RBC Engineering Support. Since 2013 I am married to Monika and became a dad since February 24th 2018 from our daughter Sara. Sara's best friend is our dog Rocky.
In 2012 I got my Masters in Psychology and Law at the University of Maastricht. During my studies I worked as a work student at International Transport Langen, I've experienced all day dynamic and hectic. In 2013, I had a short work experience in Poland where I worked half a year as a Supply Chain Specialist for a company that deals in fasteners. It was a great time, but I made the decision to move back to the Netherlands.
At Wiertz Personeelsdiensten I came in contact with job consultancy. I was here mainly responsible for the placement of foreign temporary workers in various industries and functions with the additional task of finding and providing shelter. After four fantastic years I was approached by Surge for Sciences in Meerssen, where I got the opportunity to work as a consultant for higher educated people in life sciences, health and medical devices.
These beautiful experiences have resulted that I am working now at RBC Engineering Support. Even at my first official working day we had lovely diner in honor of the birthday of Luuk. It confirmed my feeling of the first interview. The feeling that I already belonged with the company before I started . This feeling I also would like to give to all our employees. We take you as a client or candidate in the ongoing processes and are honest and transparent about the progress. Entering a new challenge should be accompanied by pleasure. Challenge us, I promise you, we as a team will not let you down!


Commercial Back Office

My name is Marianne and I started working at RBC from the very first beginning.After my education as executive secretary, I ended up in the insurance industry. I started at a subsidiary of ABN/Amro. Here I supported the field service in the position of employee commercial back office and also concluded insurances independently. After 15 years I was transferred to the main office in Venlo where I became auto-acceptant. Moreover, I took care of the administration of the acceptance department. After 5 years of daily commuting to Venlo, it was time to find a job closer to home. I then worked in Landgraaf, Kerkrade and Sittard for an insurance broker.To support RBC during the start-up of the company, I kept the books at RBC in addition to my insurance job, from 2007 to 2013. RBC had meanwhile grown into a respectable company and I was hired for a permanent job in 2013 together with Kirsten. I take care of the invoicing and the bookkeeping. In addition, I ensure that all job vacancies are published on several sites. The informal atmosphere at the office is one of the reasons why I enjoy my job so much.


Telephone: +31(0)45 5312586
Email address: info@rbc-es.nl
Address: Vogelzankweg 163 A
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